Enhance your pharmacy’s online discoverability with Google Advertising and Local Listings Management from Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

Get started today by signing up for access to LOCALACT, an online dashboard that enables you to monitor your local business listings and Google Advertising performance. LOCALACT helps you track patient interactions such as phone calls and requests for directions on your Google Ads, listings, and MyGNP.com Local Page. The Support and Resources section are available to answer any questions you may have or direct you to a Location3 Local Marketing professional.


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If you’d like to speak to someone first or get help with setting up your account, simply email support@localact.com and we’ll follow up!


Good Neighbor Pharmacy Local Listings Management (LLM) assists you with managing your online business listings, which makes it easier for patients to find your pharmacy. By granting Good Neighbor Pharmacy ownership of your listing, we will ensure that your local data and pharmacy information are accurate, current and consistent across all digital business listings including Google, Bing and many other directories.


Online search behavior has become increasingly localized as consumers search for products and services in their immediate vicinity. Google Ads enable you to capitalize on this trend by targeting people based on their location, leveraging qualifying keywords, and delivering relevant ad copy. Available to Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier members, Google Advertising helps your pharmacy better connect with prospective customers and ultimately drives them toward your business to make a purchase.