Good Neighbor Pharmacy Local Listings Management (LLM) assists you with managing your online business listings, which makes it easier for patients to find your pharmacy. By granting Good Neighbor Pharmacy ownership of your listing, we will ensure that your local data and pharmacy information are accurate, current and consistent across all digital business listings including Google, Bing and many other directories.

Listing Ownership

Levels of Access Explained

In order for Good Neighbor Pharmacy to manage your Google listing, Good Neighbor Pharmacy must own your Google listing. If you prefer to maintain ownership of your Google listing, you have the option to co-manage the account with Good Neighbor Pharmacy and you will be responsible for keeping the listing up to date. Good Neighbor Pharmacy will continue to update your information on listings outside of Google, including Bing, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and more.

Levels of Google My Business Access:

Updating User Access

If Good Neighbor Pharmacy currently owns your Google listing and you would like to request access to it, you can do so by clicking here or by contacting your advertising manager. You will be prompted to complete an online form from Google to request access to your listing.

If you currently own your listing and would like to grant Good Neighbor Pharmacy access to your listing, you can do so by following the steps listed below.

  1. Log into Google My Business at
  2. Select your location
  3. Select Users
  4. Click the icon to invite new users in the upper right corner
  5. Copy and paste the email address in the area “+Add names or email addresses”
  6. Click on “Choose a role,” select “Owner” and then click “INVITE.”

Google Business Listing Updates

If your listing is owned by Good Neighbor Pharmacy, we will update information such as your store hours, phone number, address and more based on the information that we receive from our data sources. If you have any questions about the data on your listing, please contact your advertising manager.

By default, your listing website will link to your Local Page on If you would like to update your listing with a custom website URL or add a custom description, you may do so by completing this form. You can send new photos or videos to Please submit one form per listing that you would like to update.

Note: Good Neighbor Pharmacy will only update your Google listing if your listing is GNP Owned. If your listing is Co-Managed or not owned by GNP, we will not make updates to the listing.

Please enter 1 NCPDP Number Per Form

Please enter the description you would like to publish for your location