Online search behavior has become increasingly localized as consumers search for products and services in their immediate vicinity. Google Ads enable you to capitalize on this trend by targeting people based on their location, leveraging qualifying keywords and delivering relevant ad copy. Available to Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier members, Google Advertising helps your pharmacy better connect with prospective customers and ultimately drive them toward your business to make a purchase.

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Premier members receive Google Ads through the form of Paid Search and Display Ads.

  • Google Paid Search Ads allow your pharmacy’s advertisements to show up at the top of search results on Google when people are looking for terms relevant to your business. These advertisements are primarily text-based and direct traffic to your local page, where visitors can get more information about your business and convert to potential customers.
  • Google Display Ads appear on Google partner websites through banner images. These advertisements are primarily visual and drive greater awareness of your pharmacy.

As part of the program, you are eligible for up to $100/month in Google Advertising based on search volume in your area. This budget is already included as part of your Premier subscription. If you would like to add additional budget to your Google Ads, please contact your advertising manager or

Buy Up Option: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads allow nearby shoppers to view your pharmacy’s in-store product inventory when they are searching for products on Google. These ads feature your products and store information alongside an image of the product. When shoppers click on an ad, they can view product details, including in-store availability and the price.

Google Shopping Ads are available to Good Neighbor Pharmacy members who are using Pointy and add budget to their campaigns in LOCALACT. Contact your advertising manager or for help getting started.

Enhance your pharmacy’s Paid Search Advertising to promote additional product and service categories.


With Google Paid Search Advertising, your advertising campaigns will be targeting a core set of products and services that consumers are searching for. By default, your Good Neighbor Pharmacy Google advertising campaigns capture Google search interest in your area for searches related to pharmacy keywords.

If your pharmacy sells additional products and services, or if you have an expanded set of categories you would like your advertising to focus on, you can use this form to choose supplemental categories for your advertising.