LOCALACT is the premier platform built to power and scale local digital marketing for franchise systems and multi-location businesses. Activating customers on a local level requires a unique combination of marketing expertise and scalable technology in order to efficiently execute marketing programs for multi-location businesses.

LOCALACT empowers you with the tools and support you require in order to monitor your local digital marketing footprint, engage with consumers online, and convert more customers at each and every one of your franchises and business locations.

As an increasing number of customers are turning to digital channels for local business information, directions, recommendations and more, LOCALACT offers expanded ways to promote your franchises and business locations in order to capture increasing market share and revenue.


In addition to scaling your local digital marketing presence, LOCALACT provides a wealth of data and performance reporting so you can learn how to increase your opportunity to reach more consumers and turn them into your customers. Performance metrics and reporting in LOCALACT’s online dashboard include:


The definition of “local” has fundamentally changed. Today it means understanding that consumers travel in the real and digital worlds simultaneously with technology in their hands at all times, influencing their decisions and capturing their experiences in real time. For marketers, it means siloed strategies and campaigns can no longer keep up with the ever-changing behavior of today’s consumer. We understand why “local” matters, even for global brands.

Reach more local consumers. Gain more customers.

We offer a unique Software-with-a-Service model that combines in-house digital marketing experts with LOCALACT’s proven ability to efficiently integrate client data into a single, centralized platform. Contact us today to schedule a free demo, and get started on increasing customers for your business.

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