LOCALACT Launches Integration with Apple Business Connect

We’re pleased to officially announce the release of an enhanced Apple Maps business listings management experience in LOCALACT, with the integration of Apple Business Connect in our platform. As an original Apple Maps data provider since 2013, we continue to pave the way in delivering innovative solutions for businesses seeking to enhance their local market visibility and engage with customers in new and exciting ways. Apple’s long awaited API functionality enables business locations to claim their location profiles and personalize place cards on Apple Maps.

Apple Business Connect is a free tool that grants businesses more control over their presence on Apple Maps, reaching an extensive user base spanning Messages, Photos, Siri, and other popular apps. With this powerful tool, businesses can harness the full potential of Apple Maps to connect with over a billion Apple users seamlessly.

One of the standout features of Apple Business Connect is the introduction of “Showcases” within the Maps place card. This groundbreaking functionality empowers businesses in the United States to captivate their customers with exclusive offers and incentives, such as seasonal menu items, product discounts, and more. By utilizing Apple Business Connect, companies can effortlessly update the Showcase section of their place card, keeping customers informed about the latest promotions, events, and must-try experiences. In addition to Showcases, Apple Business Connect provides businesses with a unique opportunity to engage with customers by showcasing “Actions” directly on the Maps place card. These Actions prompt users to take specific actions with just a simple tap, such as ordering food, purchasing tickets, making reservations, and more.

With local search engine optimization services, a core focus on supporting multi-unit and franchise businesses, and history of cutting-edge business listings management innovation, LOCALACT has long been the sought-after solution for managing Apple Map data. By integrating Apple Business Connect into our comprehensive suite of solutions, LOCALACT continues to focus on empowering local businesses by leveraging sophisticated location-based marketing programs and transforming the way they connect with their audience. Stay tuned for future feature updates and integrations to our Location Data Management Platform (LDMP) throughout the year.