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LOCALACT will provide a new level of reporting and insights, along with direct support for franchisees! LOCALACT is a suite of tools built to power and scale your local digital marketing.  Activating customers on a local level requires a unique combination of marketing expertise and scalable technology in order to efficiently execute marketing programs for multi-location businesses.

As an increasing number of customers are turning to digital channels for local business information, directions, recommendations and more, LOCALACT offers expanded ways to promote your franchises and business locations in order to capture increasing market share and revenue.

  • LOCALACT Local User level access
  • Local Listings Management
  • Reporting for Paid Social and Google Paid Search campaigns
  • Management of Paid Social and Google Paid Search campaigns
  • Direct-to-Franchise Support Team


Please provide your business address(es) so that we can more effectively set up your campaigns.

If you’d like to speak to someone first or get help with setting up your account, simply email support@localact.com and we’ll follow up!