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The Importance of Your Customer Reviews

How To Increase Local Customers During the Holiday Season

Forecasting data compiled by the NRF for the 2018 holiday season predicts between a 4-5% increase in holiday spending by consumers, for what could be a total figure exceeding $715 billion. As eCommerce and online shopping options continue to expand and grow, businesses that derive the majority of their revenue from in-store customer visits and […]

Tips For Responding to Your Customer Reviews

Continually increasing the number of customer reviews for your franchise can have many positive effects in terms of how potential customers view your business. While managing customer reviews an sometimes seem daunting, the reality is that many business locations receive only a handful of reviews each week. LOCALACT helps you to easily monitor and respond to […]

The Importance of Your Customer Reviews

It’s no secret that customer reviews on places like Google My Business and Facebook can impact your franchise or business location in many ways, as they ultimately affect key decisions being made every second of the day by potential customers evaluating how and where to spend their hard-earned dollars. We’ve likely all made a key […]