We have arrived at the inevitable time of year – the time to reflect on 2021 as we near 2022. As a business owner, this is the time of year to re-evaluate budgets. What worked for your business? Did you find success with everything you invested in? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses will choose marketing as their first budget cut as we enter the new year. This is largely due to marketing being viewed as a “non-essential” cost. Here’s what could happen if you cut your marketing budget:

  • Your competition could capture your current customers.
  • New customers won’t find your brand.
  • A dedicated marketing team isn’t there to support you in maintaining your brand image and up-to-date information on your Google listing.
  • The lack of recurring customers and new customers could cause other budget cuts or even worse, for your business to close its doors.

It may not seem it at first, but marketing is essential to the success of your business. In society today, consumers turn to the internet to find businesses.

"Online activity begins with a search engine 93% of the time."

Without digital marketing to help your business have a presence online, these consumers will turn to businesses that are.  Not only does your online presence boost familiarity within your target audience, but it also allows them to seek more information and trustworthiness in your brand overall.

Our team at LOCALACT is here to help empower your business. We want you to thrive this coming year. Not sure about your marketing performance? Or want an in-depth performance review? Email us at support@localact.com to schedule time with your LOCALACT Marketing Advisor today.


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