Apple’s iOS 14 Update To Disrupt LOCALACT Results Data

In response to Apple’s iOS 14 update, Facebook is making some changes that will be reducing the number of results* that are recorded in LOCALACT from Facebook ad campaigns.  The LOCALACT team is working with your corporate marketing departments to prepare for this update. *Results are custom metrics built into LOCALACT that typically include form […]

Continue Investing in Social

How to think about Apple’s iOS 14 Policy Changes as a Local Business Owner  For local businesses and app developers invested in advertising on Facebook, the upcoming Apple iOS 14 policy changes (and Facebook’s public disapproval of the changes) might be generating some uncertainty. Our LOCALACT franchisees are asking:  When is this change coming?   How will the Apple iOS 14 update affect my marketing [...]

LOCALACT Release Update | 4.1

LOCALACT 4.1 has been released and includes new features that are now available to all users! Simply log in to your account to see the latest updates and test out the new features. Home Screen: Listings Insights & Reviews The LOCALACT Listings card on the homepage has been updated to provide snapshots of Listings Insights […]