As part of our Franchise Success Stories we asked Code Ninjas franchisee, Carrie Wilson (Shreveport, LA), to share a little bit about how she and her husband first became part of this incredible franchise system and what they’ve experienced as Code Ninjas owners during their first year in business.






Please tell us a little bit about your history with Code Ninjas. How long have you been with the company?

We’ve been with Code Ninjas going on ten months now!  It has been a fun and exciting journey so far.  We were one of the very first 2 centers opened for business January 15, 2018.

What first attracted you to becoming a business owner with Code Ninjas? What makes a franchise businesses like yours different from traditional SMBs?

As parent of a 13 year old girl that was trying desperately to teach herself to code, I knew we needed a solution.  There had to be a place where kids could go and be around like minded peers while doing what they love—building computer games! We found a great match not only for our family, but for our community.  Code Ninjas franchise is dedicated to building a community; not just a product.

What’s the biggest change over the past year that has impacted the way you market to prospective customers?

As we opened, we grossly underestimated the power of digital marketing.  Of course we still do boots-on-the-ground to grow a presence in our community.  But with the digital marketing aspect running simultaneously, we have been able to reach thousands more than we ever could with events, flyers, shows, etc.

From a digital marketing perspective, what role has online marketing played in helping you reach new customers?

Digital marketing as helped us expand our reach and work as a team of people stamping our brand around town.  Even if people haven’t been in to see us yet, they have definitely heard of us—in less than a year!

As you look forward, what are you most focused on when it comes to growing your business?

I am looking forward to the impression our brand will make on the community as a whole.  What are we doing today that will write in stone what we want to accomplish tomorrow? That’s the daily question!