As part of our Franchise Success Stories we asked Blo Blow Dry Bar franchisee and multi-location business owner, Jean Camilletti, to share a little bit about how she first became part of this incredible franchise system and what she has experienced as blo blow dry bar owner over the years.







Please tell us a little bit about your history with Blo Blow Dry Bar. How long have you been with the company?

It’s been 5 years this past November that I opened my first blo location in Long Island, New York.

What first attracted you to becoming a business owner with Blo Blow Dry Bar?

I was in the fashion industry for 35 years and loved the idea of the beauty industry.  Fashion and beauty go hand and hand and it felt like a natural fit to me.

What makes a franchise businesses like yours different from traditional SMBs?

I love being a part of a brand and the corporate support is amazing.  My fashion background is based on branding and I understand the importance of being a part of a meaningful name that women can identify with.  The corporate team embraces my fashion background and we share a lot of ideas not just for my locations but ideas that can scale across all of Blo Blow Dry Bar as a whole. They are really great partners.

What’s the biggest change over the past year that has impacted the way you market to prospective customers?

The old school way of marketing, using traditional means only, is over.  Today it’s all about reaching out directly to your clients via social media and digital marketing.  It’s a new way to think and that can be a challenge at times almost a learning curve.  Thankfully my fashion background showed me the importance of how to connect to the younger, up-and-coming clientele.

From a digital marketing perspective, what role has online marketing played in helping you reach new customers?

One of my 6 locations is tucked away and not easy to find.  Thanks to the aggressive online marketing efforts put in place, we have seen steady growth – not just there but in all locations.

As you look forward, what are you most focused on when it comes to growing your business?

The focus remains the same for every location: Stellar customer service, outstanding quality of work, strong and aggressive digital and social media marketing, and our commitment to our local charities, schools and communities.

Any additional thoughts or comments you’d like to share?

I feel fortunate every day that I am able to fulfill not just my dreams, but the dreams of the team that works alongside me.  Without them, there is no future.