SYNERGY HomeCare Veteran Campaigns:

LOCALACT is the premier platform built to power and scale local digital marketing for your SYNERGY HomeCare service area. 

The Veteran focused initiative will include new ad groups that will target a new Veterans audience and have distinct creative/copy and landing pages. This will require $300/month incremental budget per channel. Available channels:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Local Media

Signing up is just the first step. To get started, please provide the necessary information in the sign-up form.

Afterward, one of our Local Marketing Advisors will follow up with you directly via email to confirm your request and provide instructions on the next steps.

Please note: The Veterans focused initiative will be integrated as a holistic part of your Care Recipient campaign to allow the ad platforms’ machine learning algorithms to drive the best results they can for your dollars. In some cases, a portion of the Veterans budget may be allocated to your core Care Recipient ad groups instead of the Veterans one, which means there was more opportunity to drive results in that segment that month. While you may see spend in the Veterans ad group fluctuate month over month, according to demand, your overall campaign will never spend more than your total allocated budget.


Please provide your business address(es) so that we can more effectively set up your campaigns.

Please let us know which channels you are interested in enrolling in for the Veteran campaign (Paid Search, Paid Social, and/or Local Media):

If you’d like to speak to someone first or get help with setting up your account, simply email and we’ll follow up!

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