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Why Facebook Is The Next Big Player In Local Search

How To Increase Local Customers During the Holiday Season

Forecasting data compiled by the NRF for the 2018 holiday season predicts between a 4-5% increase in holiday spending by consumers, for what could be a total figure exceeding $715 billion. As eCommerce and online shopping options continue to expand and grow, businesses that derive the majority of their revenue from in-store customer visits and […]

Facebook Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach and influence potential customers at the local level. LOCALACT can launch, manage, and report on localized Facebook advertising campaigns, so each and every franchise and business location can increase customers. In order to run local advertising campaigns on Facebook, your business […]

Instagram Advertising

Advertising your local business or franchise location on Instagram provides an opportunity to create highly visual ads that appear in the news feeds of your target audience within the app. In order to run ads on Instagram, you must have an active Facebook page for your business location and an active Business Profile on Instagram, […]

Why Facebook Is The Next Big Player In Local Search

Editor’s note:  This piece features content that was originally published in Forbes online. As the main search engine of choice for most people, Google dominates with more than 63% market share and holds 95% of mobile searches. But that’s quickly changing as Facebook continues to expand its search features, particularly in favor of businesses themselves. As such, it’s fair […]