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Paid Search: Keyword Selection

How To Increase Local Customers During the Holiday Season

Forecasting data compiled by the NRF for the 2018 holiday season predicts between a 4-5% increase in holiday spending by consumers, for what could be a total figure exceeding $715 billion. As eCommerce and online shopping options continue to expand and grow, businesses that derive the majority of their revenue from in-store customer visits and […]

Paid Search: Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords is a critical step in the process of establishing a strong paid search campaign for your franchise or local business. When selecting keywords for your campaigns, it’s important to understand the three most common types of keyword types: 1. Broad Match Broad Match keywords are keywords that connect your paid search […]

Paid Search: Ad Copy

Once you’ve established your keywords, ensuring that the right mix of keywords are feature in your paid search ad copy can help pre-qualify customer traffic to your landing page. It’s also important to ensure your ad copy is robust and optimized to include features like site links, local business information & call outs, phone call options, directions […]

Paid Search: Targeting & Budgeting

From a geographic targeting perspective, it’s important for your ads to be localized so that they appear to customers within a reasonable proximity to your local franchise or business. Using IP addresses of users, search engines can determine where searchers are located, and it paid search advertising allows you to set specific parameters based on location. […]

Paid Search: Landing Pages

One of the most overlooked aspects of a paid search campaign is often the landing page behind the click. Paid search ads, especially for franchises and local businesses, should always click through to a landing page that features key information specific to your individual business location: Primary Business Information (Name, Address, Phone Number) Call-to-Action (i.e. […]