LOCALACT Release Update | 3.2

Posted on 09/24/2019

We are excited to announce today that LOCALACT 3.2 has been released and includes new features that are now available to all users! Simply login to your account to see the latest updates and test out the new features. Here are some of the key updates and features included in this latest release:

Upgraded Service Enrollment & Budget Management

We’ve streamlined the process to enroll in new services with LOCALACT, make changes to your existing services, and update your budgets with ease. In this latest update, if you are enrolled in a Paid Media/Advertising service, you can now change the budget for the service directly without being required to navigate the full enrollment wizard. If you have already enrolled in some services (e.g. Google Ads), but want to add a new service (e.g. Facebook Ads), you can also now do so without going through the entire first-time enrollment wizard. These updates will allow you to more quickly and efficiently update your local paid advertising programs going forward.

Facebook Ad Creative Previews

One of the biggest requests from all LOCALACT users has been access to ad previews for paid social campaigns running on Facebook and Instagram, so we’re especially excited to be able to release this in LOCALACT 3.2 today!

  • From the new Ads report, you can click on the icon on the left to a preview of how the ad looks on Facebook (Note: Only currently Active ads will be able to generate a preview – paused or historic ads will not have a preview available)
  • The Ad Preview is generated by Facebook directly, and if the Ad is using Dynamic Creative, the preview can be refreshed to see another variant

Facebook Ad Creative-Level Reporting

Now available for Paid Social campaigns, Ad-Level performance reporting is available to all users enrolled in Facebook Ads, providing an even more granular view of campaign performance:

  • Performance at the ad level is now available for a selected date range for Paid Social (Facebook + Instagram) campaigns
  • Corporate Users can select individual locations to view ad-level metrics, while Local Users will automatically see all ads for all locations under ownership

Facebook Demographic Reporting

In addition to the new Ad-Level performance reporting for Facebook campaigns, a new Demographics Report is also available to all users enrolled in Facebook Ad campaigns:

  • Performance for the selected location(s) over the selected time range can now be viewed segmented by different age and gender groups
  • You can also use the metric toggle to see how performance varies across these segments

Google Ads Campaign Targeting Map – Coming Soon!

Following the 3.2 update, we will be releasing additional functionality in LOCALACT that allows you to view the exact geographic areas your Google Ad campaigns are targeting on an interactive map. Whether your campaigns are targeting a radius around your business, focused on specific zip codes, or more broadly targeting whole cities, this feature will provide greater transparency into where your ads are being shown to potential customers.


If you have questions about your LOCALACT account or this latest release, contact support@localact.com. If you’d like to sign up for a LOCALACT account and enroll your business in digital marketing services, please start here.