LOCALACT Release Update | 3.1

Posted on 07/17/2019

We are excited to announce today that LOCALACT 3.1 has been released and includes new features that are now available to all users! Simply login to your account to see the latest updates and test out the new features. One key feature we wanted to highlight as part of the release is the ability for both corporate and local users to easily and efficiently manage Questions & Answers on their Google My Business profiles using LOCALACT.

An Overview to Questions & Answers in LOCALACT

When customers search Google to find information about your business locations, they can post questions they may have about the business directly on a listing profile, seeking answers from both the business owner and the general community. These questions range from general questions about the business location or hours, to more specific questions about product or service availability. With the continued growth in consumer engagement with Google Listings, more and more customers are turning to Google listings to ask questions and find answers about local businesses.

As the owner or representative of the business, Google provides you with the ability to answer questions, ensuring the correct information is available to both potential and returning customers. Though anyone can respond to a question on a listing, having the voice of the business answering questions can go a long way to building trust with customers and ensuring correct and complete information is available.

With Questions & Answers becoming a more prominent and important part of business listings on Google, we wanted to provide tools in LOCALACT to allow you to easily view these questions, while also managing your answers to these questions. With LOCALACT 3.1, we are excited to announce that this management functionality is now available directly within the platform for both corporate users and local owners.

How Do Questions & Answers Work in LOCALACT?

With Questions & Answers in LOCALACT, you can easily view what questions are being asked on Google about your business, and all posted answers. At the client-level, you will first need to select a location to view all Questions & Answers currently posted on Google. LOCALACT will immediately prompt you to select a location when you visit the page.

When viewing a question, you can also directly respond as the business owner when logged into LOCALACT, helping all customers easily find the most accurate and up to date information about your business. Anyone can ask a question on Google, and anyone can answer those questions, so it’s important to make sure all questions have an accurate answer from the business to maintain a complete listing profile.

In addition to responding to questions already asked about your business, Questions & Answers also allows you to create and respond to your own frequently asked questions on your listing. This is an effective way to make sure returning and potential customers can find answers to some of the most common or recurring questions, and in essence allows you to create a “FAQ” on your Google listing.

If you post an answer to a question from LOCALACT, or if you post a new question, those will show up in the voice of the business owner on Google. LOCALACT is directly integrated with Google My Business for Questions & Answers, meaning all of the questions and answers displayed are in real-time, and any questions or answers you submit are immediately sent to Google.

If you have questions about your LOCALACT account or this latest release, contact support@localact.com. If you’d like to sign up for a LOCALACT account and enroll your business in digital marketing services, please start here.