Meet the LOCALACT Team

Meet the team behind your LOCALACT experience! Madison McGinn is one of our LOCALACT Marketing Advisors.

Check out some key insights into her role below!

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1. What does it mean to be a “Local Marketing Advisor”?

Being a Local Marketing Advisor is very rewarding. I am given the opportunity to meet with owners 1-on-1 and build a relationship with them. My main goal is to partner with each owner to understand their goals and their local market nuances to better optimize their marketing campaigns. Being a Local Marketing Advisor is to provide an educational experience to each owner while meeting their marketing goals as a team.

2. What is the greatest challenge you hear about most often from franchisee owners?

Franchisee owners often get frustrated because they do not have a strong grasp on digital marketing and do not know what questions to ask. One of my main goals as a Local Marketing Advisor is to provide education to owners on digital marketing processes. I am available to meet with each owner, guide them through LOCALACT, and grow their business through digital marketing.

3. What is the most common success you hear about most often from franchisee owners?

The most common and sought-after success for franchisee owners is when they experience business growth since enrolling in LOCALACT. LOCALACT provides tangible data for franchisee owners to view and compare to what they see in their physical store/center. We aim for every franchisee owner to feel the benefit of running digital marketing services through LOCALACT.

4. What are the most frequently asked questions from franchisee owners?

“What can I do on my end to help boost my marketing performance?”

“What is my return on investment by spending money on online marketing?”

“How do I know my campaigns are working?”

“How often should I be checking LOCALACT?”

“How can I attract new customers to my store/center?”

You can find answers to these questions here. You can also schedule a call with an advisor to walk through any questions you may have. Email us at

5. What are your goals as a Local Marketing Advisor in 2022?

I have three main goals as a Local Marketing Advisor for 2022. My first goal is to provide an exceptional educational experience to each franchisee owner I am given the opportunity to meet with. My second goal is to build a strong relationship with each owner through trust and partnership to improve the overall client experience. My final goal is to continue to help improve our Local Marketing team through continuous learning of industry knowledge. 

Madison is one of our many LOCALACT Advisors that are here to help you navigate digital marketing and all things LOCALACT. Reach out today to connect with our support team by emailing us at