Meet the LOCALACT Team

Meet the team behind your LOCALACT experience! Jillian Scaar is the Enrollment Coordinator and is here to give you the full overview of everything LOCALACT.

Check out some key insights into her role below!

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  1. What does it mean to be an “Enrollment Coordinator”?

My job is all about building rapport with the owners, understanding the product, and speaking to the benefits of investment in local marketing through LOCALACT. This is all in addition to setting realistic expectations, understanding their business needs, and creating a challenge-free enrollment experience. 

  1. What should franchisees expect when they enroll in LOCALACT?

When enrolling, franchisees can expect a thorough explanation of the services, the billing, the benefits, the reporting, and the support team. The franchisee will get to know who Location3 is and what we offer. We also communicate about our quality local marketing products and services, plus  transparency in our billing and reporting. 

  1. What is the greatest challenge you hear about most often from franchisee owners?

I often hear about their experiences in advertising in mailers and radio. It’s difficult to track their ROAS to know the benefits of these tactics. Some owners want to be more hands-on and have decision-making opportunities in how the campaigns are created (paid social) among some other details. 

  1. What are the most frequently asked question from franchisee owners?

Most owners inquire about their ad targeting, the reporting, and the creative. Many clients are just learning about digital advertising and how it all “works” and is tracked. It’s a great benefit to have the onboarding call to allow that time to go into greater detail about who we are and what we offer.

  1. What are your goals as an Enrollment Coordinator in 2022?

I hope to contribute to the continued development of an efficient and timely onboarding experience for new systems and the franchisees. I will also assist in the continued development of the enrollment and tracking process. Finally, I aim to help develop an outreach process to generate better follow-up and more enrollment opportunities.

Jillian is here to help you navigate the first steps of enrolling in LOCALACT services. Reach out today to connect with our support team by emailing us at