LOCALACT 4.0.17 has been released and includes new features that are now available to all users! Log in to your account to see the latest updates and test out the new features.

Hourly Performance Graph 

The Hourly Performance Graph now has its own tab! It can be found under Ads > Search.  Monitoring your campaign’s hourly performance is a great way to evaluate whether your budget is adequate and to ensure your performance is maintained throughout the day. 


Performance Breakdown by Location

Budgets will fluctuate from day to day, but our team maintains constant oversight of your campaigns and budgets to maximize performance and limit any potential overspend. You can also reach out to support@localact.com and ask for a budget recommendation and if there is an opportunity to get more leads in your market.

If you have questions about your LOCALACT account or this latest release, contact support@localact.com. If you’d like to sign up for a LOCALACT account and enroll your business in digital marketing services, please start here.