A deep-dive into Google Display.

In the ever-changing industry of digital advertising, it can start to feel overwhelming as to what might be the best marketing strategy for your franchise. While it might feel tempting to try out all the latest trends, sometimes the best option is to look to one of the most traditional routes of digital advertising that continues to produce positive ROI: display advertising. While display ads (also sometimes referred to as banner ads) have been around for a while, it is important to remember that they have also evolved into a powerhouse strategic branding awareness tool.

To be more specific, check out the very first banner ad to ever run below. It was the first-ever “little rectangle of ad space” purchased by AT&T in 1994. The even crazier part? It had a 44% click-thru rate.


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Now we know what you are thinking, why would anyone click on that ad? It had no AT&T branding or really anything to do with what services AT&T had to offer. For AT&T it was an initial effort to show that they were a part of this great future technology that was to come. Now look where we are today, display advertisements are now an expected part of websites. The even better part? These advertisements have evolved to be a tool to help you communicate who you are as a brand or even a specific call to action to a tailored audience. That’s something we’re not sure even AT&T had any idea was going to happen (like come on they thought the evolution of phone calling was going to be video calling in phone booths).

With all of this in mind, here are some reasons you should consider Google Display Advertisements as part of your marketing strategy:

1) Build Brand Awareness and Add To Your Customer Funnel

Wouldn’t it be nice if as soon as you open your business there was some sort of notification that went out to every single person that would be interested in what you had to offer? Not only would they be notified, but they would actually see the offer itself? Unfortunately, as business owners, we don’t get the luxury of a notification system that smart. This is where Display Advertising can help; it has a broad reach resulting in a high volume of impressions and engagement. This allows for your brand to become familiar to your target audience resulting in a higher chance further down the marketing funnel they would turn to your brand over an unfamiliar one.

2) Low Cost of Entry, Expanded Reach

In comparison to some other forms of advertising, Google Display Advertisements have a relatively low cost of entry. The average CPM (or Cost Per Thousand) for Google Display Ads was $3.12 in 2021. To break that down further, that means you are paying $3.12 to show your ad one thousand times. Imagine what you could do with even spending $250-500/month? How many more consumers would become familiar with your brand? Of course, there is variability in CPMs depending on factors like geography and targeting. Any of our LOCALACT advisors can help you find out more about what yours might look like by emailing us at support@localact.com.

3) Reach Consumers on the Go

With smartphones getting smarter every year, it is no surprise that consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. This presents a great opportunity to reach consumers. With many people also utilizing ad-blocking technology on their desktops, this is not as often the case on mobile. Display ads are a great way to also grab the attention of consumers potentially in the area of your business when they are already out and about.

4) Keep the Conversation Going

Display advertisements have a key aspect that makes them so effective and that’s retargeting. It gives the opportunity to engage with customers who were most interested in your ads – maybe they clicked but didn’t convert or visited your site but didn’t make a purchase. This ongoing brand conversation with your consumers will lead to more engagement further down the purchase cycle.

Interested in learning more about how Google Display Advertising can produce a positive ROI for your business? Reach out to our support team at support@localact.com

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