Conducting interviews with fantastic candidates can often help reveal, clarify, or define the core values of a particular role. During a recent interview for our Local Marketing Advisor role, I had the pleasure of speaking with a candidate who did just that by asking as very thoughtful and insightful question.

The question was: “What are the most important values a person in this role can bring to enhance the client experience?”

Yes, our local marketing advisors need to be subject matter experts in digital marketing. They require a specific skill set so they are confident in their recommendations and advice to our local clients. They even need to have a great sense of how to leverage the technology we have, especially LOCALACT to help our clients be successful. But this question hit the core of what the role is all about and how we can bring the biggest value to our clients.

Despite what the title may say, the core role of a Local Marketing Advisor is to deliver an outstanding and memorable experience to our clients with every interaction. This includes video calls, phone calls, and email interactions. Each franchise owner should walk away from an interaction with an advisor feeling important, cared for, listened to, and thinking ‘wow’ that was different! Each interaction should focus on putting the life and business of the client above all else.

Some of our clients know a great deal about the importance and impact of advertising on a digital platform while some may have less technical knowledge than others. And each franchisee’s desire to learn or engage with our local marketing advisors is different. However, prioritizing a great customer experience above all else allows us to listen and discover exactly what each franchisee needs at a local level and then apply the appropriate technical skills, knowledge, and recommendations to round everything off.

Having access to a knowledgeable team who are subject matter experts on all things digital marketing is highly valuable and can help grow visibility and profits for our franchise owners. However, knowing that every time a franchise owner reaches out to us, they are going to receive an amazing experience from our team is invaluable and ultimately sets us apart from everybody else.

This is the core value of not only the Local Marketing Advisor role but our customer success department. We cherish each client interaction and work hard to make it memorable. Without this mindset and mentality, we lose what makes us truly valuable to our clients and we lose what makes us LOCALACT.