Recruiting new employees can be difficult, especially in the era of the Great Resignation. An astounding 4.53 million Americans quit their jobs in 2021 (Statista). The pandemic has caused workers to re-evaluate their working conditions and pay. Opting to leave for a job that has more flexibility and potentially higher pay. Despite the Great Resignation, the franchising industry is forecasted to have a large year of expansion in 2022. This means there will be new franchise locations looking to hire the now large pool of unemployed workers. So how does your franchise location stand out as the ideal place to work?

Of course, there are more traditional routes to begin the recruitment process. You could hire a recruiter to handle the full hiring process. Costs anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour plus the commission after they successfully hire for the role. The hourly rate alone would be enough to get started with a digital advertising campaign that could get your jobs in front of a large pool of potential candidates. Alternatively, you could plan to manually post your open positions to the biggest job sites. Resulting in paying about $250/month per site just to have your jobs listed. Overall, utilizing digital advertisements is a very cost-efficient way to find new hires.

Top Digital Tactics:

Paid Social (on Facebook and Instagram) is one way to reach the right audience. For starters, Facebook has 3.78 billion active users and a very wide age range of users (Oberlo). This means that most likely the type of person you are looking to hire is active on Facebook. Of course, there are always a few exceptions depending on the type of position you are looking to fill and some geographic limitations.

Another great tactic is Google Display. These ads, like Paid Social, have a large variety of targeting capabilities. The Google Display Network also has a very large collection of sites where your ads can be placed on. Depending on where you are located, this could include your local news network. There’s no better way to reach your local recruitment pool than through highly visited local sites. It’s not limited to just that though, it could also be placed on major sites like ESPN, CBS, and more!

The best way to round out your full recruitment digital ad strategy is to pair Paid Search with Paid Social and/or Google Display. This works so well because your tailored audience may see your banner ad as they scroll Facebook or their favorite website but may not take active action to click on the ad right then. This is where Paid Search comes in, at the later moment when they remember your ad they saw earlier and go to look up more about your career offerings, your Paid Search ad will be there to make sure they see your site.

Best Practices:

The targeting for digital ad campaigns can be very specific. This is great if you are hiring for a job with very particular requirements. For example, a specialized skill or a certain level of education. In addition, geographic targeting allows for ads to be shown within a specified radius of your franchise location. So, you can be reassured that you are only showing your recruitment ads to eligible candidates.

When it comes to your ad creative, it is important to have highly impactful visuals that would grab the attention of the candidates. It should include your branding, the specific job you are recruiting for, or specify that there are multiple open positions and have a clear call-to-action for how to apply. Another important factor to remember when running recruitment campaigns is to make sure there is a designated landing page for all available jobs. This makes it very easy for interested candidates to find all the information they need about the position and to apply.

To fully round out your recruitment strategy, it is best to pair the paid tactics with organic content as well. Some examples of this are to showcase your culture, current employees, and work environment through social media postings. This is a great opportunity to highlight what makes your company the one to work for in comparison to competitors. It is this information that candidates will see when they look up your company after considering applying to your open positions.

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