How to think about Apple’s iOS 14 Policy Changes as a Local Business Owner 

For local businesses and app developers invested in advertising on Facebook, the upcoming Apple iOS 14 policy changes (and Facebook’s public disapproval of the changes) might be generating some uncertainty. Our LOCALACT franchisees are asking: 

  • When is this change coming?  
  • How will the Apple iOS 14 update affect my marketing efforts on Facebook? 
  • Should I shift my budget to other tactics? 
  • What actions should I take 

Apple’s update requires the user’s permission to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier, which means an undoubted disruption for those who “optimize, target, and/or report on mobile web events” using Facebook’s business tools. While a disruption is expected, Facebook is taking numerous steps to mitigate future issues and continues to update Marketing Partners with recommendations and resources on how to proceed.  

Here, we‘re providing insights into our corporate-level strategy and answering our local business owners’ questions: 

Our Advice to Corporate 

At this time, the action items from Facebook’s latest guidance are directed at corporate, or brand-level, marketing teams. Location3’s social advertising strategists are working to keep franchise systems up to date with the latest resources and advice. We recommend that our brand clients take the following steps immediately: 

Local Business Owner Q & A: 

When is this change coming? 

Early January. We expect user-adoption of iOS 14 to happen quickly, which is why we are recommending corporate teams implement the above guidance with expedience. The timing and the updates’ effects will ultimately depend on user-adoption of the system update, as well as users’ willingness to opt-in to tracking across apps (to better personalize the web experience). 

How will this affect my marketing efforts on Facebook? 

You may see a decrease in the number of reported conversions. 

Should I shift my budget to other tactics? 

No! We strongly urge local business owners to continue advertising on Facebook properties. Removing budgets now would limit our ability to understand the update’s impact and would impede our strategic responseContinue investing in social advertising. 

What actions should I take? 

At this time, there are no action steps for franchisees. Rest assured, our team is closely monitoring campaign performance in order to adapt to Apple’s update and drive returns for your advertising dollars.  

As Facebook Marketing Partners, we have the strategic expertise to help your business navigate through these updates. We remain committed to communicating best practices at both the corporate and local business-level.