In response to Apple’s iOS 14 update, Facebook is making some changes that will be reducing the number of results* that are recorded in LOCALACT from Facebook ad campaigns.  The LOCALACT team is working with your corporate marketing departments to prepare for this update.

*Results are custom metrics built into LOCALACT that typically include form fills on the location web site pages.

What is changing?

As it currently works, Facebook ad campaigns count results under the following two conditions:

  • A user sees the ad, clicks on it, goes to your location page, fills out a form (or other desired action on local page).
  • A user sees your ad on Facebook, clicks on the ad or continues to scroll, then continues with their day without filling out a form on the local page. If that user finds their way back to your site and fills out a form within 28 days, a result will be counted in LOCALACT for that Facebook ad campaign. The 28 day window represents best practice and industry standard for counting user engagement and effectiveness of an ad campaign.

With the anticipated changes, the second condition will be limited to a 1-day lookback window. In this scenario, if a user clicks on the ad, then comes back within 24 hours to fill out a form, a result will be tracked in LOCALACT. If a user comes back after the 24-hour window and fills out a form, a result will not be tracked in LOCALACT.

How does this affect you?

Because of this change, results tracked in LOCALACT will decrease in the months to come. Based on our research from existing campaigns, results are likely to drop anywhere between 5-40% and will vary from location to location.

It is important to remember that users will still be filling out forms on your location pages at a similar rate as before, however, we will not be able to see results in LOCALACT after that 24-hour window has expired from the initial engagement with the ad. We do not recommend pausing your Facebook ad campaigns. The user behavior will not change.

When will this happen?

At this moment, there is very limited information about the specific timing of these changes, however, we will keep you updated as more relevant information becomes available.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to We would be happy to discuss how this will impact your campaigns.